"Let me blend the scent that calms your mind and soul and makes you feel free"
A bit about me

  I don't remember myself surrounded by scents of luxury perfumes in my childhood. However I was always surrounded by the fragrances of nature, plenty of them, as I was raised on the seashore of the Baltic Sea. Where I spent all my weekends and long holidays running barefoot in the dunes and the pinewoods, laying carelessly on the ground and scenting the air of the white sand dunes filled with a scent of baby's-breaths blended with the smell of the salt and weeds of the sea.  Have you ever noticed that the sand on a hot summer day smells different than it smells in autumn?

Every time I walk on the puffy carpet of old musty pine needles in the pinewood so powerfully scented with the rich, earthy and totally enthralling aroma of an oakmoss, I feel so light lifted and liberated. It is impossible to describe that feeling, but it might be similar to euphoria, I guess. Is it that those precious scents evoke memories in my mind and soul? Memories of wandering and exploring the wild with all its simple but though sophisticated scents and sounds, gathering experience and most importantly - just being in the moment. 

The beginning of my long-lasting friendship with perfumery started blending perfumes in a very funny way. When I was thirteen years old my younger brother received a present from dad a bottle of Kenzo pour Homme and the scent blew me away as it was the first "normal" masculine perfume I have consciously scented by that time. I started to mix it with my feminine perfume (it is weird that I don't even remember what perfume I wore back then). Every morning before school I was stealing those precious drops for my perfect blend and I really doubt that my brother ever noticed. From then on I was blending various perfumes so I could feel special and unique for the particular day, evening or the occasion. My dad helped me nurturing my friendship with perfumes as he used to bring me a bottle of up to date perfume etch time he returned from his business trip. So I could say I had a quite vast choice for my inspirations. 

How did it happen that I started blending oils? It just came into my life so naturally and unexpectedly - I read an add in the aromatherapy shop inviting to attend natural perfume blending masterclass - deep inside I knew that was the beginning. After several masterclasses with goosebumps all over my body, dizziness in my head, filled with pleasure and emotional satisfaction I knew I found my passion. I was so ready to explore more and more. And I am exploring this infinitude of perfumery.



- Jurga Nemunyte -